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Transformers EI 60R FROM 15 TO 40 VA

The items of the EI60RG series are safety transformers, not resistant to short circuits by construction, for 50 / 60Hz frequencies, built according to the European standard EN61558-2-6 which guarantees a product of guaranteed quality and reliability as well as by the use of excellent materials also from the constant construction methodology and from our testing systems applied to the entire production.
The epoxy resin construction guarantees greater mechanical strength and better resistance to external agents as well as allowing insulation between the active parts greater than 4KV thanks also to the use, for the windings, of supports with separate chambers.

The peculiar characteristics of the EI60RG series:
Wide range: pinout (your choice)
primary voltage (optionally from 24V up to 440V)

secondary voltage (optionally from 4V to 48V)
· Possibility of distributing the total power up to 4 secondaries
· Flexibility on the quantities that can be ordered






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