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Custom Transformers

The experience gained in 40 years of production and the many types of machinery available allow us to offer the potential customer the perfect customized solution for their project.

Why settle for a standard product when you can get a custom-built transformer that can be customized in every aspect at the same price?

trasformatori personalizzati caffè


progettazione bobine vm


Each transformer is designed in such a way as to obtain the best efficiency and maximize performance, all with direct and clear contact without unnecessary intermediate steps.

saldatura trasformatori vm


The experience acquired, the versatile machines and the warehouse available allows us to pass from contact to sampling in a very short time.

trasformatori faston vm


Each transformer that is production or sampling is univocally coded.

Any request for modification to the prototype will result in the creation of a new code in order to always have the data of each single release available.

trasformatore di comando vm


We offer the possibility to fully customize the product by inserting your logo on the transformer as well as any coding.

collaudi vm engineering


Thanks to modern testing machines we offer the possibility of making each transformer traceable thanks to the recording of the test data linked to the serial number of the single product indicated in its plate data.

collaudo trasformatori vm engineering


Every product that leaves our factory is 100% tested on automatic testing machines.

Our machinery allows to detect even the slightest anomaly of each transformer that could cause problems in its future life.

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